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How to keep your home warm & save money this winter 
Use your curtains, open them when the sun is out to get some free heat and then shut them when its dark to keep the heat in 
Use timers on your central heating, set your heating to a lower temperature 30 minutes before you get up. This is cheaper than turning it on at a higher temperature just as you need it. Don't leave your heating on low all day as then you are just paying for heat you don not need. 
Move your sofa, curtains, clothes away from the radiators 
Make sure your home is well insulated 
If you have a hot water tank make sure it is properly lagged or insulated 
Public Health England recommends a minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius for the living room. Turning down your thermostat by 1 degree could save you 10 % off your heating bill. Keeping your dial at 18 degrees can save money and avoid your home being cold 
Use draught excluders 
Install thermostatic radiator valves 
Upgrade your boiler- new A-Rated boilers can save you around £350.00 a year compared to older style boilers 
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Unsafe gas appliances are putting peoples lives at risk 
By working together we can raise further awareness of gas safety, to help reduce the number of dangerous appliances that could be lurking in people's homes. 
Know the signs of unsafe gas appliances: 
Lazy yellow flame instead of crisp blue flame 
Soot or staining on or around appliance 
Excess condensation in the room 
Know the symptoms of CO poisoning, 
the 'Silent Killer' has no taste, smell or colour: 
Collapse loss of consciousness, which can easily be mistaken for something else 

 6 Top Tips 

1. Don't delay your boiler service 
Potential breakdowns can often be spotted during an annual gas safety check and could prevent your boiler from breaking down. Doing this annually will also ensure your family's safety. 
2. Use a Gas Safe registered business or engineer 
The Gas Safe Register is there to protect the public from unsafe gas work. It makes sure the engineer is qualified, check the engineers ID card on arrival. The back of the card should list the engineers areas of competence such as Gas Boiler, Gas Fire etc. 
3. Seek advice from a reputable source 
If you are unsure of anything request a visit from an engineer to show you how to top up pressure bleed radiators etc. 
4. Install a carbon monoxide alarm 
You cannot see it, taste it or smell it- therefore without an alarm you put yourself at risk of becoming a victim of 'the silent killer' 
5. Know the symptoms 
Headaches, nausea, sickness, dizziness, tiredness, confusion, stomach pain breathlessness and difficulty breathing are all signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. 
6. If you do have an unexpected breakdown 
Call us on 01604 670549 , as a local company we are often able to respond quicker in emergency situations. 

How to check a Gas Safe Registered Engineer's ID Card 

Check the front and back of their card, if they do not show you their card when they turn up do not be afraid to ask to see it. 
Check the front of the card for: 
The photo 
The start date and expiry date 
The license number 
The security hologram 
The engineer is from the business you employed 
Check the back of the card for: 
Whether the engineer is qualified to do the gas work you want done e.g. cooker, boiler 
The qualifications are up to date. 
You can also check with the Gas Safe Register by calling 0800 408 55 00, or you can check on-line or by texting Gas and then the engineer license number to 85080 - your provider may charge a standard network charge to use this service. 

Never DIY with gas 

"Mistakes are expensive and could cost you your life." 
According to Gas Safe a shocking 1 in 3 people would consider doing gas work themselves to save money! If appliances are badly fitted they could cause explosions, fires, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. It is important to use a Gas Safe Registered engineer at all times when it involves gas! 

The benefits of taking care of your boiler 

Regular checks on your boiler can have a significant impact on the performance of the boiler. With warranties on many of the boilers, the importance of an annual service is now greatly increased. Not only does it give added assurance of safety and reliability but it also helps to reduce costs, as periodic part replacement takes place rather than the cost of break-downs. In addition to this it can also lower the homeowners energy bills. 
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